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Pulled Jackfruit

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This BBQ jackfruit is legit! It has even made Meat eaters second guess if it was meat or not. We prepare it in the same way we prepare our Pulled Pork. We use our 13 spice blend to rub down the Young Jackfruit and let it marinate overnight. Then we smoke it in trays in our Ole Hickory smoker. After a few hours on the smoker we remove it and our tangy BBQ sauce to it, and then put it back onto the smoker to allow the bbq sauce to cook down a bit and thicken. 

Our Jackfruit BBQ is Smoky, Tangy, Sweet, Spicey, Big in BBQ flavor Satisfying & best of all Simple. With our Heat and Eat Portions and Pouch you only have to Boil Water to Enjoy Amazing ( Vegan) BBQ at Home.

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